Pirlangimpi, or Garden Point, is one of two communities on Melville Island and comprises approximately 350 people.

Facilities include a primary school,a police station, a small supermarket, a creche, a clinic, a social club and an airport and the Munupi Art Centre. Freight barges come twice a week and there are regular flights to and from Darwin on Fly Tiwi, twice a day Monday to Friday and once a day Saturday and Sundays.

The Club is open four days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 4:30 to 7:30, light and mid strength beer only.

Pirlangimpi is the home of the famous Imalu Tigers AFL football club, competitors in the Tiwi Islands Football League, played during the Wet from October to March.

Map of Pirlangimpi. Click here.